nakEdtruth... one word, all lower case letters, capital E

Lyricist, songwriter, and producer, nakEdtruth, has been performing and recording music for well over a decade. His career began as a member of the Hip Hop trio Pure Genius based out of Thibodaux. Late 2013, the south Louisiana native released his first solo song and followed exactly one year later with his first mixtape, Still Young. Still Grown. After a three-year run off that record, coupled with singles and features, he eventually dropped another mixtape, Hiatus Rap. Over that entire period of perfecting his craft, nakEdtruth endured the true struggles of being a starving artist, which happens to be a song title of one of the tracks on his latest and long awaited, self-produced studio album, Innocence to Experience. Being the introspective artist he is, it's in ones best interest to get to know him through his music.

What you choose to be is dictated or manipulated by the world, but who you are is how God made you. Stay nakEd..
— nakEdtruth