Hiatus Rap

Metaphors. Word play. Punchlines. Flow. Style. nakEdtruth exhibits all of these elements on his new and random mixtape Hiatus Rap. After taking over a year to put out any music, this project served as an introduction to what the wait was all about.

nakEdtruth - Hiatus Rap.JPG

This project came together on a whim. On the night of December 29, 2017, I was sitting with a fellow creator/entrepreneur at our usual hangout, where we happened to be sharing music we liked. Somewhere in the conversation I teased about putting out a mixtape for New Years, and my friend supported the idea. Eventually the joke became a reality, and I headed home with the inspiration to write, record and release a random mixtape.

To make a long story shorter, I hibernated with the success of completing the collection of songs in approximately 48 hours. The projected release date was altered due to the fact that it sounded better than expected, so I decided to take extra time to polish it. Although it was "just a mixtape" I didn't want to totally sacrifice quality for being too hasty. Not to mention, I needed all those bars to be audible. Additionally, I engineered some graphics that were cryptic yet simple.

The bulk of the delay just so happened to be technical difficulties. Now, if you know anything about creating music, you're aware that the biggest headache can often times occur right at the finish line. So, ultimately it took more time to package this idea than it did to create it. Still, I got it done. Now to the songs....

"Rapstar" - The first song was done with parodical intent. The gag was to start the project not rapping. So, one would be overly critical to critique my singing ability as this tape was meant to display lyricism. Surprisingly, it's still a fan favorite.

"Rhyming" - Self-explanatory.  This song was designed to give the listeners what they actually expected from the first track based on the title.

"Raw Talent" - My obvious frustration for industry standards exuded in almost every line. For those who aren't pursuing a career in music, understand we are always being told how to walk, talk, dress, and post, to say the least. I do understand being marketable, but a lot of artists lose themselves in the plight to be what "they're supposed to be." The Russell Westbrook skit is my exact sentiment.

"Spit Down" - Raw display of punchlines. The verse starts comical, gets competitive, and ends on a more serious note.

"Highweigh" - This is where I dig a little deeper into my personal life. Using my past experiences I offer everyday wisdom on the ever so nostalgic track.

"Best Life" - Using socially conscious references, I explain why life isn't always as easy as we'd like it to be. Howbeit, we have to thomp our chest and get through it.

"Dear Supporter" - This is an obvious backstory on why I stepped away from the proverbial spotlight. I briefly explained the setbacks and hurdles I encountered during my hiatus, while managing to squeeze in an apology to all my supporters. I'm back though!